Local Election Results

May 3, 2019 9:57 PM

It's official - the Lib Dems are back in business.

We've had huge gains across the country. Here in Breckland, our candidate Mark Foley got over five hundred votes in the Upper Wensum ward which we contested, gaining over 25% of the vote from a starting point of zero and bringing us our first district-wide increase in vote share since 2007. Across the local area, we also saw third party and independent candidates running strongly, showing a clear appetite for an alternative to the old two parties who showed lacklustre vote totals across the district. It's our mission to build up and ensure we break onto the council next time, as Josie Ratcliffe successfully did last night with a spectacular win in nearby Downham Market.

The climate is ripe, with our message of opposing Brexit clearly vindicated by these huge wins across the country. We've got a great base to build on - but we'll need your help to do so. If you want Breckland to get Liberal Democrat councillors in future and replicate some of the stunning wins we saw in other councils last night, please get in touch. If you're not a party member, join us. If you're not following us on Twitter and Facebook, please do that too. And if you've got time you can use helping out - even if it's just a little, or you can only do things from home - then please get in touch.

We've got plenty of plans and ideas ahead, and with your help, we can and will build a more liberal Breckland.