Norfolk Liberal Democrats announce new leadership team

May 17, 2021 3:48 PM

Brian Watkins, Councillor for Eaton, has been elected by Liberal Democrats on Norfolk County Council to be their Group Leader with Tim Adams, Councillor for Cromer, as his deputy.

Brian Watkins said "There are big challenges and decisions ahead for this council and the Lib Dems will always work to get the best results possible for Norfolk residents. The people who voted Liberal Democrat at the elections will expect nothing less."

Brian, who was unanimously elected as group leader, added that "they will also expect us to hold the Conservative administration fully to account and provide effective Scrutiny. We certainly intend to do that."

"We will be seeking better answers from the council. Norfolk has to do better economically but in a sustainable way that has the council making the climate emergency a much higher priority. It also has to provide the care and support for all those people who need it but not by passing cuts straight onto those who are the least able and need the most help."

Tim Adams, who was also elected unopposed as deputy leader, said "Getting the best recovery in Norfolk from the Coronavirus pandemic will need the County Council to listen to everyone and deliver for all its residents. There will be questions to be answered on what could have been done better and what the true cost has been."

Tim added "There will need to be much more work done to work out what we want Norfolk's future to look like given that we've just seen so much compassion and incredible determination to help others by so many people."

Brian Watkins
Photo of Brian Watkins

Tim Adams

Photo of Tim Adams