Vote Josie Ratcliffe for South West Norfolk

Josie Ratcliffe, SW Norfolk Parliamentary CandidateJosie Ratcliffe is our South West Norfolk candidate. Coming from a career that's gone from milk delivery rounds to software engineering to long distance HGV driving, Josie knows the world of work and how variable it can be today. As a Scout leader for 25 years, she's also got huge experience of the issues young people are facing and why it's so important to tackle them. Winning a shock election victory against the Conservatives in Downham Market and breaking the Lib Dems back onto West Norfolk council, Josie knows what it takes to fight and win against a deeply embedded Conservative party that's used to taking people for granted, and is ready to do so across South West Norfolk.

In this election, Josie is prioritising stopping Brexit and ending the climate emergency, two of the greatest threats that face people in our area and across the UK. She's also proudly standing up for liberal education policies to help people get on in life - whether that's giving a massive 10K per person boost to adult education funds, allowing a new wave of lifelong learning, or ensuring sixth forms and colleges are paid the same per pupil as secondary schools, or giving teachers a well earned pay rise and helping encourage the best and brightest into the profession. Building strong communities, a greener transport and energy system, and an education system to empower people through life is what South West Norfolk needs - and Josie is the candidate with experience of delivering to get it done.

If you'd like to help with Josie's campaign, please send her an email - you can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Josie's Priorities


Local Climate Emergency action

We need to tackle climate change at every level in society - but one of the best things we can do is empowering local communities like ours here in Norfolk to decarbonise. I'll fight to ensure our communities get a new wave of green business and transport investment, improving connectivity and helping our area go green faster.

Stopping Brexit

We have to get out of the mess that the Conservatives have trapped us in for the last three years. Brexit will lead to many years of negotiations still to come - the only way to get back to being able to work on our real problems like education, the climate, and the NHS is to stop Brexit, so we keep a seat at the table and a strong economy to fix our problems together.

A new Nature Act

Our part of Norfolk has some of the most beautiful and biodiverse landscapes in the country, from the Brecks to the Fens, and. I want to introduce new and more stringent binding targets for improving air, soil, and water quality and protecting and promoting biodiversity, to protect our environment for future generations.

80% renewable energy by 2030

The core of stopping climate change is reducing Co2 emissions, and we need radical but achievable targets like the Liberal Democrats' 80% renewables by 2030 plan to make that happen, Parts of South West Norfolk will be at serious risk of flooding in the coming decades if we don't halt climate change - let's act before it's too late.


Recruit 20,000 new teachers

As a scout leader for 25 years, I know how important it is that children get the individual care and attention they need to thrive. Our Lib Dem plan to recruit 20,000 new teachers across the UK will help keep class sizes down and ensure every child gets the input they need to thrive.

Lifelong education funds for all

Education shouldn't just be something that happens at school - in today's economy, moving career is common, and having been everything from a software engineer to a lorry driver I know that as well as anyone. So I'm proud to back giving every adult in the UK a 10K fund to pay for adult education and retraining, to help people make the most of opportunities throughout life.

Extending availability of childcare

The early years of a child's life are some of the most important fo their development and their future. High quality childcare should be something everyone can access, I want to see childcare available from the age of 9 months for parents who need to work, and for all children between two and four for 35 hours a week - as well as tripling the early years pupil premium as an additional boost for the most disadvantaged.

Boost income tax to save the NHS

The NHS needs a stable, fair long term base for its funding, and we need to make the tough decisions about how to achieve that with growing demand. I believe a 1% income tax boost to fund the NHS for the long term is the right move to secure the effectiveness and future of our GP surgeries and hospitals.


Social security people can trust

A welfare safety net people can put trust in is a safety net that trusts them, too. Benefit sanctions have failed: there's no evidence they help job-seeking, and the damage income insecurity causes to mental and physical health is clear. I want to see sanctions abolished altogether, trusting and supporting people to retrain, care for themselves, and find work according to their needs.

Replace rates to boost small business

The business rates system isn't working. It's penalising small businesses in unfair ways, whilst far too much money ends up in the hands of large commercial landlords. I want to see business rates replaced cost-neutrally with a tax on land values, moving more of the tax burden onto landlords and away from the businesses we need as engines of our economy.

Fair votes for all

Here in South West Norfolk, every election, there are thousands of people whose votes never count under our electoral system. I think everyone's voice should be heard in our democracy: I want us to move to backing the Single Transferrable Vote, a proportional, preference-based voting system fit for the 21st century - a vote for me is a vote to ensure you always get a fair choice in future elections

Ending the hostile environment

The hostile environment policy of the Conservatives has cost us vast amounts of money for a project that's pulled families apart, made it harder for newcomers to integrate into UK society, and created incentives for visa overstays. I want to end the hostile environment, scrap income caps for spouses so families can stay together, and make English language learning more easily available to support new families in our area.

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